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This all started as an idea to make Sans' voice my hitsound, and it eventually turned into something bigger. Undertale's given me such a huge impression, by the way. What an incredible game. Modboy 1-Click Install 1-Click Install. Add Comment Sign up to access this! Gravemind2 Joined 4y ago. URL to post:. That 70s Mexi Joined 8y ago. That 70s Mexi. Scarf NInja Joined 4y ago. Scarf NInja. Arbiter77 Joined 5y ago. Joined 9y ago. Emily Vasquez Joined 7y ago. Emily Vasquez. Add Buddy Sign up to access this!

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In contrast to the more traditional VoIP solutions, however, the standards for carrier-based Voice over Wi-Fi VoWiFi are often proprietary and have not been well-publicized or vetted. This paper examines the vulnerabilities of VoWiFi calling, assesses what common and less well-known attacks are able to exploit those vulnerabilities, and then proposes technological or procedural security protocols to harden telephony systems against adversary exploitation.

This paper addresses the security requirements of an enterprise PBX. The purpose of this paper is to suggest best practices and recommendations when running Skype. Since the dawn of time, humans have tried to communicate with each other. As languages and dialects prospered, the forms of communication became more advanced by using letters in various alphabets and writing messages on papers or letters. From the Caeser cipher that Julius Caesar used where letters in encrypted messages were actually three letters off, to the Nazis in WWII who built and used the Enigma machine to encrypt military communications, to SIP-TLS to encrypt VoIP conversations, as forms of communication have advanced there have been subsequent efforts to keep those communications secret by one party, and to identify the clear message by a second party.

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Toggle navigation. Reading Room.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Undertale Store Page. Kharre View Profile View Posts. Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Mega View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Mega ; 20 Feb, pm. Guys you're all wrong it's clearly Crustite View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Mega :. Go look on YouTube. There was a clip of patrick from spongebob saying "Maybe its the way you are dressed if we take the "a" part of it and play it on loop we get sans voice.

sans voice

Or maybe they hire Sean McLoughlin to voice him. Nah, if they were to hire him to do a voice, it should be Papyrus. Zoracs View Profile View Posts. Sans' voice actor is the same guy that voices Ness from Earthbound. I love that joke so much.

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Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. My Rating :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:. You've been busy, huh? So, i've got a question for ya. Do you think even the worst person can change. That everybody can be a good person, if they just try? Heh heh heh he. All right. Well here's a better question. Do you wanna have a bad time?

Sorry, old lady This is why i never make promises. It's a beautiful day outside.

sans voice

Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these, kids like you. Should be burning in hell. Always wondered why people never use their strongest attack first. You think im just gonna stand there and take it? Our reports showed a massive anomaly in the timespace continuum. Timelines jumping left and right, stopping and starting. Until suddenly, everything ends. Heh heh heh. That's your falt, isn't it?Do you have any questions or suggestions? We have a Discord server! Version 7. Create your own Undertale text boxes with any character, expression and text!

Go to the textbox's help page for a quick tutorial in all of the textbox functions such as coloring words. Do you want your AU in the generator? Submit it through this form and I will review it. If you use this generator somewhere for example, in a "ask X" blog I'd appreciate a lot that you linked to this page somewhere. It's not required to do so to use this generator, though.

You can follow the development status on Trello.

sans voice

The way images are uploaded has changed. The sprites uploaded through the generator will be deleted periodically, but uploading them is faster and less buggy. The change in the way uploading images works has been applied to the whole website, it's not an exclusive feature of the generator. Fixed a bug that made the text not move back when the asterisk was disabled.

It was intended to make big pictures look better, but it was messing with colored sprites. Fixed the shadow for white asterisks in Dark World Deltarune mode. A refactoring of the generator's code has begun to optimize it and solve bugs. You can now edit the selected color when you select "custom color". The text box log has changed: the text of the boxes is no longer saved. Saved texts have been deleted.

Uploaded images' links are no longer logged either. Added Undyne the undying in Undertale. Added the "custom color" option in the color selectors. When selected, it allows you to use a color picker. Rewritten and optimized the code responsible to switch between normal sprites, using from url and upload files.

They were added in the 6. Underswap Mettacrit's sprites have been updated.

so I put Patrick's audio over sans...

Underswap Mettacrit has new expressions: "confused", "unamused", "nervous" and "what". Owner of Revenge changed from Samuel Wolfgang to Pootstablook. Fixed a typo in the search feature of the content packs list. Interrogaton Demitale Everyoneton default expression no longer gives an error.

Error text box no longer uses the old Demi sprite and has a spanish translation. Sprite previews now change their color when you select one. Tubertale Jack's "annoyed" expression renamed to "yelling". Tubertale Marzia's sprites have been updated.Sans is the final boss of the Genocide Route. His fight is widely considered the most difficult in the game among players.

Sans uses bones and straight beam projectiles that emerge from skeletal faces, known internally as "Gaster Blasters," in his attacks. Sans starts by using red modebut frequently switches the protagonist's SOUL between red and blue mode. Sans often utilizes gravity to make his attacks require platforming skills, such as slamming the protagonist's SOUL against the walls of the Bullet Board and making the protagonist jump through gaps between bones and onto platforms.

Sans uses regular and light blue attacks. Sans immediately starts off the battle with his "strongest attack": an array of bones and "Gaster Blasters".

He is the only enemy in the game that has the first turn rather than the protagonist, which can catch the unwary off-guard.

Undertale text box generator

Eventually, Sans pauses the battle and attempts to offer mercy; if accepted, he covers the entire Bullet Board with bones until the protagonist's HP is drained to 0. This results in the famous Game Over screen that is only seen on this occasion. After that, he starts to employ randomly cobbled attacks made of "bone stabs," "Gaster Blasters," and "bone slides. After a while, he does his biggest attack, which features elements from previous attacks, as well as new ones, and finishes with a spinning ring of "Gaster Blasters.

Sans does not attack the protagonist when he attempts to offer mercy, which allows the protagonist to heal as many times as they need to.

Sans/In Battle

After getting past his mercy offer, the fight then includes Sans constantly flickering the screen as he transitions through his attacks, uses his "Gaster Blasters" more often, and even attacks the protagonist as they navigate the menu though menu attacks only depletes their HP to 1 and cannot kill them. After enough turns, Sans then performs an attack lasting roughly 40 seconds, launching some attacks shown previously at the protagonist, including a bevy of "Gaster Blasters", a large array of bones, and many slams against the Bullet Board's walls the protagonist's HP is depleted by 1 for every slam but stops once their HP reaches 1, preventing the attack from killing them.

Once the protagonist survives his final attack, Sans uses his "special attack," which cannot do damage to the protagonist. Sans abstains from attacking and stalls his turn out indefinitely, preventing the protagonist from accessing the menu in hopes of the protagonist becoming bored as time passes.

Unlike most enemies, however, he starts to leak a red fluid of some sort which is hypothesized to be injected determinationketchup, or even bloodthen limps offscreen before dying, raising the protagonist's LOVE to 20 and HP to Sans dodges attacks thus negating his need for high defense or health and removes the protagonist's health slowly further through KRalthough more INV can slow this down.

The latter statement means that his attacks true to his flavor text when Checking him deal 1 damage per frame the protagonist's SOUL is colliding with them, allowing Sans to inflict weak hits at such a rapid rate up to 30 times per second without extra INV that it adds up to draining the protagonist's entire HP within a few seconds.

Some attacks involve platforms the protagonist's SOUL can rest upon safely. From his false plea for the protagonist to stop fighting onwards, Sans also attacks the protagonist in the action menu. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Categories :. First time heya.

Refight heya. Refight 2 hmm. Refight 3 hmm. Refight 4 hmm. Refight 5 hmm. Refight 6 hmm. Refight 7 hmm. Refight 8 hmm. Refight 9 hmm. Refight 10 hmm. Refight 11 hmm.

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