Mhw greatsword playstyle

The great sword benefits from any skills that increase attack power and affinity to deal massive damage with its true charged slash. Utility skills such as focus, quick sheathe, and earplugs are also helpful, though their usefulness varies depending on your playstyle. Basic equipment set. Unlike most starting armor sets, it focuses more on offense rather than survivability. Scenthound offers good utility to easily track target monsters.

Armor set that accommodates a hit-and-run playstyle for the great sword with critical draw. Damage potential is increased with critical eye, weakness exploit, and handicraft. Focus reduces the charge time of the weapon, letting you land true charge slash more reliably as well.

Yet another attack-focused armor set. Its combination of skills is extremely useful even when pitted against Nergigante during the main story. Boasts good affinity to trigger critical hits. Armor set consisting of pieces made from materials from elder dragons. Wearing three Nergigante armor pieces activates the set bonus, allowing you to absorb health by attacking monsters. Grants mostly attack-focused skills while having impressive utility with focus, quick sheath, and stamina surge.

Armor set that focuses on consistently executing true charged slash. Earplugs allow you to charge your weapon without being interrupted by monster roars.

Maxing out focus significantly cuts charge times, allowing you to land powerful blows at the last second. Armor set consisting of mostly Drachen armor pieces. Boasts high affinity and attack power to deal staggering damage with true charged slash.

Explore Hoarfrost Reach! New Hunter Headquarters Seliana Revealed! Recommended armor sets for when using the great sword in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Included are the best armor pieces to use as you progress from early to late game.

Which Monster Hunter World weapon class is right for you?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Name Comment. Increases critical hit damage. Critical hit guaranteed for draw attacks. A core skill for the hit-and-run great sword playstyle. Shortens the charge time of charged attacks. One of the most important utility skills for the true charged slash great sword playstyle. Prevents monster roars from interrupting you during charging.

It is possible to negate the effect of roars by performing a tackle at the right moment, though it takes some practice.It's slow, but very powerful with the highest damage values overall. Once you've mastered it, you might not feel so slow after all!

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Recommended Armor Sets for Great Sword

Hold the X button to charge the attack, and let them go to unleash the Charged Slash. Greatsword has 3 charge levels.

[MHWI] Advanced Iceborne Greatsword Guide: the Tackle, the Side Blow, and the Mighty Slinger Burst

Each level will flash once, with the 3rd flash being the strongest attack from this move. As such, time the release of Charged Slash accurately once your have seen the 3rd flash!

Holding it for too long will result in Overcharging, causing your attack to do a lot less damage than intended. In this guide, "X" will normally refer to the most frequently used lvl 3 Charged Slash unless stated otherwise. This attack has the furthest range of all Great Sword moves, suitable to be used for reaching high targets such as tails. It also allows you to attack backwards when the monster is behind you. Great Sword is capable of blocking some attacks.

Blocking eats your sharpness, so this move is very situational and should only be used when you're in a pinch. A little transitional attack that serves as a preparation for strong charge. This is the strongest attack GS has at its disposal in Guild Style. You don't need to time it like the regular charge, there's no penalty for overcharging.

If you have a big opening, use it after your regular charge attack for more damage. A very powerful follow-up to a Strong Charge which you should use after it if you have enough time. Perform this to trigger a mid-air mounting slash. Press the B button to boost that jump off the ledges and slightly increase the mounting slash range. With low maneuverability, Great Sword often uses follow-up attacks instead of combos. Because of this, the controls are fairly simple and easy to remember by heart.

Try them for yourself! As mentioned, Greatsword is a heavy weapon with low speed while unsheathed. As such, it is desirable to use it in a "hit and run" playstyle. Hit-and-run playstyle is all about finding openings in the monster's movement and exploiting them. Find one, draw into a level 3 charge, maybe follow up, reposition and sheathe. Rinse and repeat. Remember, you won't always find openings big enough to fully charge your attacks.

You will have to estimate how much time you have and charge accordingly.Greatswords are some of the most powerful weapons in Monster Hunter World. The latest Iceborne expansion brings a whole host of new Master Rank weapons to farm for and craft, including of course greatswords and brand new builds for them. Below you will find three specific builds that have shown the most remarkable results for many players.

Choose one and get that slinger ready to farm up, hunter! The crafting recipe for Acid Shredder II is following:.

[Top 5] Monster Hunter World Best Greatswords (2020)

This sword has a powerful paralysis effect, which can be well combined with its native Acidic Glavenus armor set for the following build:. This greatsword can be crafted by farming items from none other than Ruiner Nergigantewhich is the reason for such high dragon damage. The crafting recipe is the following:. Ruinous Atrocity can be paired with Golden Lune armorwhich also has dragon element as its main defensive mechanism.

A great alternative for the Ruinous Atrocity would be an Immovable Dharma sword, which can be crafted by farming Shara Ishvalda.

This build also uses Golden Lune armor but with a few important twists that fit specifically the Immovable Dharma greatsword. That's it for the best greatsword builds in the Iceborne expansion, and for more Monster Hunter World guidescheck out the list below:.

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mhw greatsword playstyle

Acidic Glavenus Helm Beta. Damascus Mail Beta. Acidic Glavenus Braces Beta. Damascus Coil Beta. Acidic Glavenus Greaves Beta. Mighty Jewel 2; Tenderizer Jewel 2. Damascus Helm Beta. Defense Jewel 4; 2x Defense Jewel 1. Golden Lunemail Beta.

mhw greatsword playstyle

Kaiser Vambraces Beta. Golden Lunecoil Beta.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Mosh View Profile View Posts.

Hello I'm a new to MHW and to the series in general, and while I love the longsword I canno shake the urge to use the greatsword since it's a giant sword that reminds me a lot of Cloud or Guts but I completely suck at it and can't use it properly. I try to let them attack and then charge my blade to 3 and while sometimes successful I'd only do like 30 damage with bone blade 2 and half of the time I'll always miss or get hits.

Is there any tips some veterans or alike could give me to improve at this weapon? Recommended tree's, armor sets, combos?

Blast away.

mhw greatsword playstyle

I'm all ears! If after the tips I still cannot find success, I'll probably just switch to the longsword but GS does more damage if not the most damage out of most weapons right? Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. Nen View Profile View Posts. Great Sword is a pro weapon that requires pretty much perfect understanding of every monster so you can safely and frequently get off full charged attacks.

It's literally a "get good" kind of situation. You just have to learn monster's tells and know what action they're going to take so you can decide on your own. Codester View Profile View Posts. Use unsheathing attacks from neutral.

Always roll after snipe hits, charge attacks are only to be used when the monster is down, trapped, bonked, paralyzed ect. Or if you know the attack patterns and behavior Really well. Get the skill critical draw asap and every single attack from an unsheathed snipe will be a critical. You won't combo too too much, but there are some really good ones for when the monster is down that include multiple lv3 charge hits.

Other than that just do hits and reset while fighting. Swing, roll, sheath weapon. There's a bit more to it then that but it really is a Until you learn the monsters attack patterns and behavior and get a lot of experience with the weapon other people can and will out damage you. Once you get good, nobody will. People will argue this. They are wrong, GS has the highest raw dps in the game.Monster Hunter: World has officially been out for just over a year now on consoles, about half of that on PCand players have been eagerly slashing away at monsters alone or with friends since.

There are a ton of different ways you can go about combat in this game, with 14 different weapon types, they each have their own unique flavor and combat flow, and each with their own in-depth and diverse upgrade trees.

There is no one weapon that is objectively better than the others, and every weapon is effective with a certain playstyle or within a certain group if you aren't playing solo. That being said, certain weapons excel easier than others, and there are some that just fall behind a bit.

I've taken a look at some community opinions on weapons and combined it with my own experience in the game to make a list of my personal ranking for every weapon in Monster Hunter: World. Coming in at number 14 are the Dual Blades. Simply put, these things have absolutely bonkers damage potential, capable of chaining incredibly long combos together that rack up damage fast. Using these means you forego any type of defense, requiring you to roll when in danger, but once you learn a monster's mechanics, this isn't too big of an issue.

Once you get into Demon and Archdemon mode, you'll be a force to be reckoned with. At number 13 I have the Long Sword.

mhw greatsword playstyle

This is a pretty versatile weapon that's relatively easy to understand how to use effectively; combine that with the long reach and ability to roll out of most attack chains, and it's one of the most well-rounded weapons in the game. Each attack with the Long Sword fills the weapon's Spirit Guage, enabling Spirit Attacks that will not bounce off a monster's hide and deal extra damage.

Number 12 is the Light Bowgunan excellent choice for players who like a ranged playstyle and prefer to have a high-level of movement. While this weapon doesn't have the highest range, it does have a fast fire rate, meaning you can keep quick sustained damage on a target. You can supply this weapon with different types of ammo to apply different effects too; make sure you do your homework on the monster you're hunting. The Charge Blade is one of the most complicated weapons in the game, but learning how it works is worth the effort.

The former is used to build up a charge in the weapon's phial system, and the latter is used to unleash that phial bonus. The Bow is a highly versatile ranged weapon that allows for a lot of mobility, a ludicrously high damage per second, and unlimited ammo.

However, the Bow requires a high-level of knowledge both with the Bow itself and the monster that you're fighting in order to be used to its fullest capabilities. Figure out the monster's weak point and stay inside your optimal range, and this weapon can't steer you wrong. The Heavy Bowgun has a very high range and has a pretty high damage per shot, too.

Keep in mind that it's going to limit your mobility quite a bit and you're going to need to supply your own ammo, just like with the Light Bowgun, but the damage potential and kiting possibilities make this weapon a solid choice for a ranged playstyle.

Another weapon with a phial system and two forms, the Switch Axe is pretty versatile, with good reach and damage and a high level of mobility, especially when in the sword mode. The sword mode is when you're going to be using the phials you've stored up, and when you're going to see an incredible amount of damage come in. This is another one of those weapons you'll need to take some time to learn properly but is worth your time. The Great Sword has the highest damage per hit of any weapon in the game.

It does have a definite lack of mobility; you'll need to make sure you're positioning yourself wisely because you can't rely on moving with any quickness. The sword itself can block; it's the weakest block of anything in the game, but it's better than getting hit with full force.

The Gunlance is one of the most interesting weapons in the game, boasting solid reach and defense. It really excels in breaking certain parts of monsters that aren't easily broken because of its super-reliable damage output. It has a severe lack of mobility, but it combats this somewhat with the second-best guarding capabilities of any weapon in the game.I'll leave the decisions and such up to them, but I'll support the rest of the team to the best of my ability!

Of the utmost importance. What's the point in monster hunting if I can't be an epic monster hunter? It's fairly important. If I'm going to do something, may as well look cool doing it.

For those looking for a reliable and strong weapon to take care of any and all monsters, look no further than the Greatsword. A Monster Hunter classic, the Greatsword relies on pure strength and charge attacks to rain powerful blows on any monster that gets in your way; but be careful not to be overcome by a mobile enemy. A variation on the classic "oversized sword for hunting giant beasts", the Longsword boasts solid damage like its fellow sword types, mighty combos, excellent evasive capabilities, and the best range of any melee weapon.

Whether you're fighting a Jagras or a Rathalos, the Longsword ensures that you'll be able to take it down without a single KO- provided you have what it takes to harness the weapon's full potential. Plus, it looks really cool. For those who prefer raw power over any fancy footwork, the Hammer is the ideal weapon. With some of the best damage available in the game, the Hammer is sure to make quick work of your next prey.

When using the Hammer, you can charge, allowing you to remain mobile without putting off your next attack by too much. For added functionality, hitting a monster in the head with the Hammer allows you to stun it, leaving nothing in between them and your unstoppable flurry of blows.

For those who prefer a more strategic and skillful playstyle when hunting, the Charge Blade offers a powerful combination of a sword, shield, and axe. By far more complex than melee weapons like the Hammer or the Greatsword, the Charge Blade relies on phials to store energy, which can be used in a variety of ways to enable stronger attacks.

For the hunter who is willing to study the strategies available to them in order to conquer any obstacle, there is no better weapon than a Charge Blade. With more versatility than any of its melee cousins, the Switch Axe offers a varied and engaging playstyle for any hunter. As the name suggests, alongside its axe form, this weapon can transform into a mighty sword and perform explosive combos. If you're a firm believer in offense as the best defense, and want a weapon that requires true skill to wield, the Switch Axe is for you.

The perfect combo for a jack of all trades, a Sword and Shield is a great choice for any hunter, whether they've just picked up the series or played since the PS2.

It offers high levels of utility and reliability. Alongside balanced stats and evasive capabilities, the Sword and Shield is unique in that the Slinger, MHW's unique new tool, can still be used while the weapon is unsheathed. Stun a monster or start a chain reaction of toppling rocks- knowledge of the environment will be very beneficial.

With its simple-to-understand combos, respectable offense and defense, and impressive mobility, the Sword and Shield allows any monster hunter to become great. One of the more technical weapons, the Hunting Horn is a grossly undervalued tool in the hunter arsenal. While it may satisfy the traditional 'bard' role for Monster Hunter, it's far more than a support weapon.

The Hunting Horn offers two main benefits. Firstly, like the Hammer, the Hunting Horn offers substantial blunt damage. And secondly, by performing specific combinations, the Hunting Horn can provide buffs to all hunters through song, from small health boosts to speed increases. In any team, the Hunting Horn is sure to be the core. A combination of swift attacks and swifter evasion, the Dual Blades are the perfect weapons for a hunter who'd rather be avoiding damage instead of absorbing it with a shield.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses.

By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Includes recommended equipment, elements, decorations, and skills! If you do not have the weapon yet, you can substitute this with the Jagras Hacker III for the time being. This loadout is based around the Wyvern Ignition "Impact" weapon.

You can also opt to replace the Focus Charm in the loadout with an Attack Charm. This way, you will increase your damage output at the expense of your weapon gauge's fill rate. This build was specifically designed with survivability in mind. The Sheath Jewel can be substituted with other decorations to suit your needs!

If you feel that the Quick Sheath skill can be replaced with another skill to fit your play style you can swap it out for better ease of use! The skills in this build bring out the potential of the Great Sword for devastating attacks. The third level fire attack skill allows you to increase the fire damage of the weapon to its maximum.

Aiming for weak spots of monsters will also grant you bonus damage in order to deal the most damage to monsters! The Water Attack skill will allow the great sword to deal the most water damage that it can. This build is best used to exploit the weak spots of monsters as you will be dealing critical damage almost all the time.

Just like other builds for elemental weapons, this loadout allows you to deal the most damage that you can with the ice great sword. Deal devastating ice damage to monsters especially when hitting their weak spots! This build was made to pump out the most thunder damage out of the great sword weapon. Aiming for weak spots will also increase the thunder damage dealt to monsters.

This build allows you to dish out as much dragon damage as you can in order to exploit and defeat monsters that are weak to the Dragon element easily. You will also deal extra dragon damage when aiming for weak spots! Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site.

Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Not even close to endgame setups. Don't waste your time reading. Can you fix the decorations section for the high crit non-elemental build endgame build. You have the effects from the armor instead of the decorations.

There's some typos I found in the build. Forgot to attach my build. By now, everyone should at least have a minimum of 3 Attack Jewels, considering they manage to catch up with the huge festival marathon a few weeks ago. Best Melee Weapons Loadout Guide. Skill No. Have some feedback? Click here Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Reader Comments. Alias Optional Max. Click to Enlarge.

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